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Healthcare Provider BLS Skill Check

This course is designed for the Healthcare provider who desires to use online learning. The course is comprised of two parts.


Part 1: Completed using the American Heart Association e-learning site
Cost for the AHA on-line portion is $28.50

Part 2: Skill evaluation performed by a qualified American Heart Association BLS Instructor. The skill sessions are listed on our schedule under Heartcode BLS Skill Check Session.  The session takes approximately 1.5 hrs to complete and is video/instructor driven.   There are other time slots available and we ask that you call the office for more info.  



An American Heart Association Healthcare Provider card is issued upon completion.

Accepted by all California hospitals and
pre-hospital providers

Check the calendar for Skill Check Sessions or call to schedule your skill check once you have completed part one

(925) 934-6223

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